We believe Groucho’s culture is the foundation of our brand. Since 1941, Groucho’s has been known for having just the right blend of great food, a comfortable atmosphere, and enjoyable people that care about each other and the community. These are the attributes that build our customer loyalty. One of our main objectives over the years has been carefully preserving the personality of Groucho’s. Our culture of giving and making a difference in the lives of our customers creates an important bond in the communities we serve. We have followed Groucho Miller’s blueprint for a Fast, Fresh, and Original experience.  We have grown our customer base around these important ideals. It has made us a dependable Fast Casual experience in the Carolinas for over 80 years. 


There is no accurate way to predict exactly how much money you’ll make as a Groucho’s owner. However, we can tell you that some of our franchisees have done very well for themselves. Their investment and sweat equity gives them a chance to start a legacy that can one day be handed down to their children, or possibly sold to the next Groucho’s entrepreneur. Groucho’s really likes the idea of our franchisees achieving financial independence.  We do everything we can to build a system that helps Groucho’s franchisees succeed. 


Since the 1940s Groucho’s® Deli established its reputation by serving its high-quality meats and cheeses, famous sandwich dressings, and Original Potato Salad and Cole Slaw. Groucho’s began serving its innovative “Dipper” ™ Style Subs with Original Sauces and Large Salads in the 1960s. The Apollo Dipper™ was named after the likeness of the Apollo space capsule (advertised as landing in a cup of 45 Sauce).  Groucho’s continued Philosophy of offering “Fast, Fresh, and Original” Trademark Subs and Large Salads, served with Groucho’s Famous® Dressings, spawned demand into new markets. 

Although the idea of expanding Groucho’s into new areas was always prevalent, Groucho’s had to ensure that the Quality Products, Coveted Recipes, and Customer Experience would be consistent. These attributes became available through our exclusive distributor partnerships and from extensive training of Groucho’s Franchisees. Groucho’s began franchising in 2000.  Groucho’s first Franchise owners were passionate customers and staff with a desire to bring the Groucho’s culture to their own Neighborhoods. Groucho’s feels that by slow controlled growth we can offer excellent launch (and ongoing) support and increase the likelihood for success.

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