Development Process


Groucho's Deli is currently franchising locations across South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.Our desire is controlled expansion from our legacy market to ensure excellent support.We are currently accepting inquiries from individuals looking to Franchise within a 300-mile radius.
Development Process

Complete & Submit "Next Steps" Form

(1 Day)

Initial Phone Intro/Screen

(1 Day)

Submit Franchise Application and meet criteria

(1-5 days)

Identify mutual area of interest

(1 day)

Issue Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

(1 Day)

Complete initial review of FDD

(1-2 weeks)

Due Diligence Period

(1 week-months)

In-Store Experience


Meet with Executive Team

(1 Day after scheduled)

Execute Franchise Agreement

(up to 2 weeks)

Secure Real Estate

(1-6 months, many factors)

Design & Construction

(4-20 weeks, many variables)


(6-12 weeks)

Open Location

(2 weeks)
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial qualifications to open a Groucho’s® Franchise?

A minimum credit score of 720 along with a minimum net worth of $350,000.00. Included in your net worth, you need to have a minimum of $150,000.00 in liquid assets which you can use to invest in your franchise opportunity. Financing is to be obtained through third-party lending sources. Groucho’s® does not offer financing.

How much are the Franchise fees and Royalties?
The current Franchise fee is $28,000.00 (per unit), payable with the execution of a Franchise Agreement. There is a continuing royalty of 6.00% of your gross sales paid monthly. Groucho’s® does not currently charge an advertising or marketing royalty. We believe that your marketing dollar is best spent in your immediate trading area under your discretion (Groucho’s® must approve advertising).

How much does it cost to open a Groucho’s® Franchise?
The current aggregate investment ranges between $97,989 - $578,880. Many factors determine your final investment, such as local market conditions, size, and condition of space, permitting, cost of construction, deposits, etc.… This range typically covers all potential costs: Franchise fee, construction cost, architecture, furniture and equipment, opening food order, and line of credit or cash for capital support. Please see the table below for additional details. 

Interested in opening your own Groucho's Deli? 

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