Meet Franchisee - Kevin Major

My college girlfriend (now wife) Jessica urged me to apply for a job at the Original Groucho's Deli in 1999. At the time I was a broke college student just trying to earn a little extra spending money.  Mr. Ivan Miller (Bruce's dad) saw something promising in me, and he hired me on the spot.  I immediately loved working for Bruce and his dad.  I liked the family atmosphere and I appreciated how the Groucho's tradition was passed down through their family.   I really enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the job and the excitement of working busy lunch shifts.   I worked in the kitchen and eventually became a Shift Manager while finishing my degree at the University of South Carolina.  As I neared graduation, I realized that Groucho’s was something that I would love to continue doing as a career.  After discussions with Bruce, I was given the opportunity to open a Groucho's franchise location in Irmo, SC.  I graduated from the University of South Carolina in May 2003, and a month later I opened my first Franchise.   It was a dream come true.  I had visions of one day working together with my kids like the Millers had for so long.   I now own multiple Groucho's locations, and my son works with me in my Irmo location.  Now, a Groucho's tradition will be passed down through my family. My journey has come full circle.  Groucho's has allowed me to do something I really enjoy doing while also providing for my family.  I am thankful to Groucho's for giving me these opportunities.  While I give lots of thanks to the Millers and Groucho's, Jessica still likes to take credit for everything we have accomplished since encouraging me to apply for that part time job over 22 years ago. 
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